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OnDemand Course: Fundamentals of Writing RFPs

Fundamentals of Writing RFPs

RFPs got you down? Learn how to get the most from your request for proposal process with valuable tips from a seasoned veteran in the field.Receive the benefit of training from an experienced procurement professional...

OnDemand Course: Understanding Property Management Law

Understanding Property Management Law

Gain a better understanding of the legal issues involved in property management and improve your bottom line.This topic will provide advice and tips regarding what to do and what not to do in property management law.

OnDemand Course: Writing an Effective IEP

Writing an Effective IEP

Walk through the process of composing an IEP and learn how to match data collection systems to observable objectives.The IEP is the quintessential special education document.

OnDemand Course: Colorado Unclaimed Property Reporting

Colorado Unclaimed Property Reporting

Gain a better understanding of Colorado's unclaimed property laws and keep your company compliant.Operational, regulatory, and audit requirements related to unclaimed property are creating difficult challenges for...

OnDemand Course: California Unclaimed Property Reporting

California Unclaimed Property Reporting

Learn more information on unclaimed property reporting rules in the state of California.While all states have unclaimed property laws, California's law stands apart from the pack.

OnDemand Course: Ohio Property Tax Update

Ohio Property Tax Update

Gain a better understanding of the Ohio property tax reporting requirements and updates.How do you know if you are paying your fair share of tax? Many individuals charged with ensuring that property taxes are properly...

OnDemand Course: Florida Property Tax Update

Florida Property Tax Update

Every year you receive your tax bill and wonder how the value was reached, whether it is accurate and what, if anything, you can do to change it. Not quite sure what the current tax legislation means to you?

Bookstore: Writing Job Descriptions

Writing Job Descriptions

Writing Job Descriptions We have all heard about job descriptions. And, we know that having job descriptions sounds like a good idea. What is the purpose of job descriptions?

OnDemand Course: Law Firm Website Content Writing: SEO Tricks and Ethical Traps

Law Firm Website Content Writing: SEO Tricks and Ethical Traps

Gain a deeper understanding of the factors that impact search engine rankings, learn ways to identify keywords and develop strategies and plans for content writing.

OnDemand Course: Tax Treatment of Appreciated Property Donation

Tax Treatment of Appreciated Property Donation

Gain a better understanding of how to handle the taxation of appreciated property gifted to a nonprofit.The donation of appreciated property can significantly benefit donors and charities, but involves an entanglement...

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