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OnDemand Course: Protecting Your Company From Overtime Suits

Protecting Your Company From Overtime Suits

Learn to navigate and cut through the tangled web of wage and hour law issues.Employers face real risks with the myriad of changing state and federal overtime laws, an aggressive wage-hour plaintiffs' bar, and the...

OnDemand Course: Florida Reemployment Tax Updates

Florida Reemployment Tax Updates

Gain a better understanding of the Florida Reemployment Tax and avoid costly penalties.Many payroll and human resources departments struggle with administering the Florida Reemployment Tax.

OnDemand Course: Federal Tax Deposit Requirements

Federal Tax Deposit Requirements

Understanding Federal Tax Deposit rules can be challenging, but this knowledge is an absolute "must" for any organization responsible for tax filings and payments due to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

OnDemand Course: Internal Equity Policies

Internal Equity Policies

Gain an understanding of internal and external pay equity concepts.Navigating issues involving pay equity is becoming more challenging for employers, and the social, financial and legal risks associated with inequity...

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OnDemand Course: Fundamentals of Executive Compensation

Fundamentals of Executive Compensation

Recruitment and retention of talented executives is crucial for the success of any organization.Executives are in high demand, so organizations must offer them attractive compensation packages.

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OnDemand Course: Golden Parachute Payments Under Section 280G-Compliance and Mitigation Approaches

Golden Parachute Payments Under Section 280G-Compliance and Mitigation Approaches

Understand the general categories of executives to which section 280G applies, the impact of exceeding the statutory limits on parachute payments, and the methods available to reduce or eliminate exposure.

OnDemand Course: Sales Compensation Plan Design

Sales Compensation Plan Design

Make sure your sales compensation plan is rewarding the right behaviors. Learn the right approach to take when designing your compensation plan. An effective sales compensation plan can have an enormous impact on...

OnDemand Course: Fundamentals of Physician Compensation

Fundamentals of Physician Compensation

Get assistance in clarifying and understanding fair market value standards when considering physician compensation.Many hospitals and/or physicians do not fully understand the regulations that pertain to the Stark Law,...

OnDemand Course: Don't Mess With the U.S. DOL: Payroll Compliance Strategies for 2020

Don't Mess With the U.S. DOL: Payroll Compliance Strategies for 2020

Learn what it takes to keep your payroll practices compliant and avoid legal pitfalls.Categorizing and compensating workers in accordance with applicable law, and in a manner that will satisfy the Wage and Hour Division...

OnDemand Course: Deferred Compensation for Payroll Professionals

Deferred Compensation for Payroll Professionals

Gain an understanding on how to better explain differences in defined benefits plans and contribution plans.Employers have a wide range of deferred compensation plans they can provide employees as a method to save for...

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