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10 Mistakes Most Family Businesses Make

OnDemand Webinar (65 minutes)

Learn how family governance can help take your family business from one generation on to many generations to come.What's the most important thing in the world to you? For many people, the answer to that question is family. However, we don't always act on it by protecting and valuing our families through structures that can help them succeed far into the future. For family businesses, that means that you need family governance. You can't rely on your business's corporate governance to help your family succeed. These are two separate types of governance. While corporate governance focuses on managing your company or business, family governance focuses on the family. This course will review the differences between family and corporate governance.


Elaine King, CFP?, Family & Money Matters


What Is Family Governance?

• Value System

• Strategic Plan

• Measuring Progress

What Is Corporate Governance?

• What Is Included?

• Who Regulates It?

• Where Does It Reside?

Family Constitution

• How Is It Done?

• Who Does It?

• How Is It Updated?

Shareholders Agreement

• How Is It Done?

• Who Does It?

• How Is It Updated?

The 10 Commandments

• Values Purple

• Growth Green

• Impact Yellow