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Successfully Navigating a Business Divorce: The Importance of a Corporate Prenup

OnDemand Webinar (60 minutes)

Learn how to successfully create a corporate prenup and avoid conflicts when partners leave the business.This topic will review conflicts that frequently arise between majority owners and substantial minority investors in private companies. Learn how to successfully create a partner exit plan, sometimes known as a corporate prenup, which helps avoid conflicts when partners leave the business. Review legal remedies available to minority investors when they think that their rights have been violated by the company's majority owners. This topic will also discuss concerns that arise when business divorces occur in a marital divorce proceeding and involve the division of marital ownership interests in private companies.


Ladd Hirsch, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP


Business Divorce Explained

Issues Causing Conflicts Between Business Partners - Conflict Avoidance Strategies

Key Elements of Corporate Governance Documents

The Precursor to Business Partner Litigation - Two Sides of the Coin

The Law of Shareholder Oppression

Get a Corporate Prenup/Partner Exit Plan in Place

Elements of Buy-Sell Agreement

Valuation Questions

Structuring Buyout of Partner Interest

Non-Equity Options to Consider That Provide Incentives

Derivative Claims by Minority Owners

Common-Law Partnerships