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Float Ownership Issues in Construction Project Management

OnDemand Webinar (63 minutes)

Stay informed on the topic of float ownership and its implications on the administration of a construction project.Time is one of the critical components to completing a successful construction project. Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling has long been a key process in managing time on a project. A byproduct of the CPM scheduling process is float, an often-debated topic, particularly who has the right to use or control the float - who owns the float. The focus of this material will be on float ownership. A brief overview of CPM scheduling will be provided, including a more detailed explanation of what float is and how it is calculated. This topic will discuss various possibilities for the ownership of float and contract provisions relating to float ownership. Court opinions from several cases involving the question of float will also be reviewed. This material will give you a better understanding of what float is and its place in CPM scheduling.


Barrett L. Richards, CCP, CEP, PSP, Greyhawk


CPM Scheduling in Review

Float Explained

Float Ownership

Float and Contract Provisions

The Courts and Float