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Employment Law Update in New York

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Gain a better understanding of the most pressing New York employment and labor issues.This program will provide an update and analysis of New York State, New York City, and local employment laws, employment regulations, and employment decisions regarding employers, employees, businesses, and workplaces in New York State. The speakers will review and discuss current employment topics and issues in New York, together with practical tips for compliance with new laws and regulations, such as the New York HERO Act, New York State and New York City Paid Sick and Safe Leave Acts, New York Paid Family Leave and Reproductive Health Acts, as well as recent wage hour, noncompete and discrimination issues. The speakers will also provide advice and sample policies and language to comply with these new laws, as well as examining the impact of increased enforcement and new initiatives under federal employment laws. You will take away a better understanding of New York laws and requirements for worksites in New York, as well as policies and actions necessary for compliance with these new laws and regulations.


Brian S. Conneely, Rivkin Radler LLP John K. Diviney, Rivkin Radler LLP


New York HERO Act

• Model Policy and Standards

• Workplace Safety Committees

• OSHA and CDC Standards and Guidelines for COVID-19 and Airborne Infectious Diseases

• Collective Bargaining Issues

New York State and New York City Paid Sick and Safe Leave Acts

• Permissible Reasons for Paid Sick and Safe Leave

• Proof of Reason for Leave

• Advance Notice

• Interactions With Other Paid Leaves

• Carry Over of Leave at the End of the Calendar Year

• Payment of Paid Leave Upon Termination

New York City Fast Food Establishment Laws and Regulations

• New New York City Fair Workweek Law Act

• Just Cause, Layoff, and Arbitration Requirements

• Schedule Changes

• Joint Employer Issues

• Tips

• Other Employment Issues Confronting Fast Food Employers and Employees

New York State Paid Family Leave, Parental Leave, and Reproductive Health Decisions

• Policies

• Reasonable Accommodations

• Reasons and Payments for Leaves

• Interactions With Other Laws

Update on New York Employment Discrimination Law Developments

• Protected Categories

• Enhanced Coverage and Damages Under State and City Laws

• New York City Human Rights Laws

• New York State Human Rights Laws

Update on New York Noncompete Law Developments

• No Poaching Agreements

• Proposed Bans on Noncompetes

• No Solicitation Agreements

• Garden Leave

• Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property

Impact of New Federal Employment Initiatives and Rules

• New Executive Orders

• Federal Contractors

• Independent Contractors

• National Labor Relations Board

• Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Update on New York Wage Hour Developments

• Minimum Wage and Minimum Salaries

• Recordkeeping

• Spread of Hours

• Department of Labor Investigations

• Damages and Liabilities