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How to Remove Defamation and Other Damaging Content From the Internet

OnDemand Webinar (64 minutes)

Learn key strategies for removing defamatory content from the internet.Protecting you and your client's reputation and business is paramount in today's digital landscape. This material provides a full scope of learning how to identify and attack online defamation at its source, formulating an effective game plan, and pursuing appropriate legal strategies and available remedies to successfully combat and remove unwanted online content. You will benefit from this material by understanding how to avoid common and lesser-known pitfalls associated with navigating internet defamation and other related claims. You will also learn what legal steps are required for unmasking anonymous or pseudonymous internet users and how to minimize widespread and irreparable harm caused by online defamation. Examples of tried and tested responses to internet defamation will educate and inform you on best practices and, consequently, how to save time, money, and resources for your respective firms and clients when cast into what can seem like a rather nebulous area of the law.


Aaron Minc, Minc Law Daniel A. Powell, Minc Law



• Speaker Introduction

• Presentation Overview

Why Online Reputation Matters

• The Evolving Concept of Reputation

• How Online Reviews Affect Businesses and Professionals

• How to Protect Your Reputation Online

Anatomy of an Online Defamation Lawsuit

• Who Can You Sue? the Purpose, Impact, and Effect of Section 230 CDA Immunity

• Elements of a Claim for Defamation

• Common Defenses to Look out for

• Related Claims to Consider (e.g., Privacy Claims)

• Pre-Suit Filing Requirements

John Doe Lawsuits and How to Identify Anonymous Online Users

• What Is a John Doe Lawsuit?

• Where to File?

• Drafting Considerations

• Steps to Unmask the Defendant

• What to Do After Unmasking Your John Doe Defendant

• Effective Forms of Judicial Relief

Alternative Strategies and Non-Litigation Tactics to Remove Online Content

• Reporting Terms of Service Violations

• DMCA Takedown Request

• Retraction Demands and Cease and Desist Letters

• Settlement and Purchase/Assignment Agreements

• Editorial Inquiries Removal Requests

• Online Reputation Management/Suppression