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Work Injuries in the Health Care Field

OnDemand Webinar (61 minutes)

Learn how to minimize injuries in the health care field as well as how to handle an injury if one should occur.Many hospitals and health care providers have locations in multiple states. Each state has its own approach for employers when dealing with claims filed by their employees. Some states have very unique handling of multiple aspects of workers' compensation claims. One of the most prominent features is that some states have enacted legislation for handling of COVID-19 claims by creating a 'rebuttable presumption' on employers for 'essential employees,' which include those employed in the health care and nursing industry. This topic will help those responsible for providing workers' compensation benefits in the health care and nursing industry. While every claim should be viewed on a case-by-case basis, this material will explore the methodical litigation process applied throughout various states workers' compensation statutes. This information will assist risk management and claims professionals with understanding how to analyze, evaluate, and ultimately attempt to resolve claims in a manner which reduces exposure for employers in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


Nicolas B. Pedone, Rawle & Henderson LLP Zachary M. Rubinich, Rawle & Henderson LLP



• Work Injuries in the Health Care Field Workplace

• Coming and Going Rule and Its Exceptions

• Contributory Negligence

Third-Party Civil Actions

• Subrogation Liens and Calculation of Credits

• Tort Claims Against Employers

• Settlements and the Effect on Subrogation Lien Rights

Medical Treatment

• Who Directs Medical Treatment Following a Work Injury

• Authorization of Treatment Without Prejudice

• Maximum Medical Improvement Versus Full Recovery

Workers' Compensation Benefits

• Temporary Disability Benefits

• Termination of Benefits

• Permanency Benefits

Legal Developments and the COVID-19 Pandemic

• Burden of Proof

• Rebuttable Presumption

• What Is an Essential Employee?