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Keys to Understanding Land Records

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Understand how to research and evaluate land records to minimize risk.Real estate transactions necessitate effective communications among investors, legal, lending, and other professionals, and data management, all having varying backgrounds and proficiency in the basis for private ownership of real property: The records that comprise real estate title. This topic will provide you with practical information needed to better understand the process of researching and evaluating land records in connection with the transfer of ownership and real estate financing. The content is designed to identify real property interests and sources of land information, explain how property interests are created and transferred, discuss title search procedures, and how to raise, refine and resolve recurring real estate title questions. In addition, the material will explain the recording system, property descriptions, the chain of title, off-record interests, rights, and claims, and conclude with transaction resources available to the seller, purchaser and lender that minimize risks associated with real estate closings during COVID-19.


Duane H. Wunsch, Fidelity National Title Group, Inc.


Transactions Marketplace, Universe of Competing Property Interests

• Estates or Interests in Real Property: Present, Future and Concurrent

• Mortgages

• Security Interests in Fixtures

• Array of Statutory Liens

• Taxes

Available Sources of Land Records Information

• Conveyances

• Court Records

• Corporations and Business Entities

• Zoning

Creation and Transfer of Interests

• Conveyance Formal Requisites

• Process of Recording

• Recording Statutes: Effect on Priorities

• Appurtenant Easements

• Correcting Errors in the Land Records

• Legacy of Housing Downturn: Short Sales and Foreclosures

Classification of Legal Descriptions

• United States Government Land Survey

• Metes and Bounds

• Subdivision Plats and Surveys

• Condominiums

Chain of Title

• Why the Chain Is a Prerequisite for Ownership

• Marketable Record Title Acts

Perils Confronting Investors That Lay Beyond the Reach of Land Records

• Title by Adverse Possession

• Prescriptive Easements

• Water and the Public Trust Doctrine

• Highways

• Native American Treaties

• Mechanics Liens and Other Secret Liens

• Perishable Agricultural Commodity Act (PACA)

Risk Reduction and Transaction Enhancements

• Avoidable Real Estate Title Pitfalls

• Obtaining Title Insurance Coverage: Current Choices

• Useful Escrows and Indemnities

• Solutions to Closing Challenges During COVID-19

• Remote Online Notarization (RON) Choices