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Mobile Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofits

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn how accepting donations via mobile can significantly increase.The fall-out from the pandemic has forced nonprofits to reevaluate their fundraising strategies. With no in-person events and a dispersed audience, mobile fundraising technology has quickly become a popular option for nonprofits everywhere. Do you constantly wonder what's the best platform to accept charitable donations? Organizations need an affordable and effective solution that can bring in the dollars even when your doors are shut, and people can't gather. Most people own a smartphone, already the fastest and easiest way to accept donations. Plus, with email open rates at an all-time low, organizations are harnessing the power of mobile like never before. Join us on this topic and learn how accepting donations via mobile can significantly increase donations even during these uncertain times.


Alexandra Harper, Give by Cell
Emily White, Give by Cell


COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Fundraising

• Many Fundraising Events Went From In-Person to Virtual

• People Are Still Donating

• The Methods People Are Using to Donate Have Changed

Carrier-Based Donations - AKA Mobile Give

• Mobile Giving Foundation

• How It Works - FAQs

• Pros and Cons - What Is the Best Situation to Use Mobile Give?

Credit Card-Based Donations - AKA Mobile Donate

• How It Works - FAQs

• Use Cases

Ways to Market Your Text-To-Donate Campaign

Fundraising Thermometers

• Why Fundraising Thermometers Work

• Types of Fundraising Thermometers

• Live Message

Text Message Communication

• Advantages of Texting Versus Email

• Two-Way Text Messaging and Secondary Keywords

• Building Your Text Message Recipient List

• Marketing Strategies for Event Follow-up