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Effective Exit Interviews

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

Gain the tools to execute successful exit interviews and how to use the information to improve the productivity and culture in your organization.It takes a great deal of time, effort and expense to create a productive team. When a company has effective staff, things run smoothly until a team members decides to move on and leave the company. So why? What motivates someone to seek other employment? Is it you or is it them? The only way you will find out is by doing an exit interview. There is a wealth of information to be gained from an effective exit interview. If a company wants to continue to grow, the opportunity to learn how to keep the most valuable employees cannot be passed up. If done properly, you can learn if changes or improvements within your organization are warranted, or if your company is on track for continued and future successes. The information you want is more than just it's their time to move on. You want information that is honest and accurate. You do not want rumors, hearsay or half-truths. You want employees to feel comfortable with being honest and what better time when they have nothing to lose because they are leaving the company. So how do you get the information you want and need in an effective way? This topic will give you the tools to execute successful exit interviews. Being skilled in the art of the exit interview is valuable for managers at all levels in the organization, as well as human resource professionals. In this material you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of exit interviews, format of exit interviews, what to ask and what not to ask and how to increase your interviewing and listening skills.


Christine Melleno, M.A., PHR, SHRM-CP,



• What Is an Exit Interview?

• Why Do Exit Interviews?

• What Can Be Gained by Doing Exit Interviews?

Are Exit Interviews a Good Idea?

• Why Do Exit Interviews at All?

• What Are the Advantages?

• What Are the Disadvantages?

• Are There Legal Ramifications?

Who in the Organization Should Conduct Exit Interviews?

• Internal Exit Interviews

• External Exit Interviews

• Online or Emailed or Virtual Exit Interviews, Surveys and Questionnaires

The Art of the Exit Interview

• The Art of an Interview - Are Exit Interviews Different Than Other Kinds of Interviews?

• What Skills Are Needed to Conduct Exit Interviews?

• How Can We Avoid Interview Biases?

• Building Trust, Even Though the Person Is Leaving

Format and Questions of an Exit Interview

• Best Place and Time for an Exit Interview

• Format That Fits for Your Company

• Questions You Should Ask

• Questions You Shouldn't Ask

• Questions to Ask to Find out What You Want to Know

• Ok, Now What? What Do You Do With the Results?

Data Collection and Compilation

• Objective and Subjective Observations

• Analytical Data Collection

• Who Do You Report the Result to?

• How Will Your Organization Use the Information Gained?

• Using the Information to Train and Educate Management

• Using the Information to Train and Educate Employees

• Using the Information to Make Overall Improvements to Policies and Company Culture