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The Six Step Solution to the COVID-19 Credit Risk and Sales Challenge

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Understand the analysis and actions required to control credit risk while achieving a break-even sales volume.The COVID-19 economy will substantially depress sales volume for most companies. For many, that sales volume will be below break even. In response, companies will be tempted to sell to anyone, regardless of creditworthiness. In most cases, that will lead to inadequate cash flow and a huge bad debt exposure which can seriously threaten the future existence of the company. This material will help you understand how serious the challenge is and the actions required to protect your company and enable it to survive and emerge stronger. This information will help you forecast the sales, accounts receivable risk and cash flow under multiple scenarios and acquire the knowledge to emerge as a leader in meeting this challenge.


John G. Salek, Revenue Management Associates, LLC


The Challenge

• Achieving Break-Even Sales Volume

• Limiting Risk of Bad Debt and Extreme Slow Pay

• Selling to Uncreditworthy Customers on Credit

The Objective

The Solution

• Attributes

• The Six Steps

Sales Opportunities

• Which Companies Can Capitalize on Sales Opportunities?

• How to Capitalize on the Opportunities

Conclusion and Benefits