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Best Practices for Giving Powerful Presentations to Management

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

Wow your management and convince them that they should jump on the idea immediately with these presentation best practices.When it comes to presenting ideas to management, most of us tremble in fear at the very idea. After all, few of us are comfortable with public speaking in the first place and adding to that nervousness, the idea of proposing something to management and trying to convince them to get on board with it can just prove nerve wracking. This topic will help you to coalesce your proposal into a solid presentation that will wow your management and convince them that they should jump on that idea immediately. You'll be so well organized and prepared that your presentation will go smoothly and be received positively. Imagine feeling cool, calm, and collected, knowing that you are ready for any surprises that may come up during a presentation.


Marie R. Herman, CAP, OM, ACS, MOSM, MRH Enterprises LLC


Outlining Your Presentation to Management

• Defining the Critical Elements of Your Proposal

• Determining the Ideal Approach for Management to Consider Your Ideas

• Clearly Communicating the Need for What You Are Proposing

• Identifying the Key Criteria to Include (and Equally Important) What Not to Include

Organizing Your Presentation to Management

• Creating an Organizational Structure That Makes Sense

• Presenting the Data in a Logical Way That Will Appeal to Management

• Summarizing Your Concept for Management

• Organizing the Support Details to Be Ready at a Moment's Notice

Giving Your Presentation to Management

• Hone Your Public Speaking Skills to Appear More Confident

• Preparing for Any Objections or Concerns

• Anticipating Common Questions

Improving the Odds of Success

• Logistical Issues Around Presenting Your Idea

• Ensuring Your Idea Receives Full Attention

• Following up on Your Idea to Ensure Success