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Overview to Stay Compliant Within Employment Laws

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

You may know what the law is, make sure you know how to apply it.

Very little about labor and employment law is intuitive. Common sense is not always your best guide. In fact, instinctive reactions to situations can create legal difficulties. Human resources, which is the application of these laws to real labor and employment situations, complicates matters by introducing the human equation into the mix. Attempts to make employees feel less badly about discipline, avoid unpopular decisions, or reward certain employees can backfire. Further, human resources professionals seek legal advice not merely to determine what they cannot do legally, but to find out what they CAN do legally and how to implement their decisions in the best way practical.

The purpose of this topic is to educate you on the practical aspects of applying the law and implementing HR policies and practices. It will address the role of HR professionals and lawyers, the laws that affect human resources, the policies that need to be addressed, and problems that could require the assistance of attorneys and other HR professionals if you run a business. While the information will deal with many introductory concepts, it will also deal with the real-world issues that experienced business owners, attorneys, and HR professionals must address.


Frank L. Kollman, Kollman & Saucier, P.A.


The Essentials

• Supervisor Training

• Employee Handbook and Employer Policies

• Hiring

• Discipline and Discharge

• Human Beings Are Predictable Irrational

• Identifying With Management

• The Hard Part of Implementing the Law

The Laws

• Federal

- National Labor Relations Act

- Fair Labor Standards Act

- Civil Rights Act of 1964


- Occupational Safety and Health Act

- Americans with Disabilities Act

- Family and Medical Leave Act

- Others

• State Laws

- Unemployment

- Workers' Compensation

- Jury Duty

- Voting

- Wage Payment and Collection

- Meal and Breaks

- Independent Contractors

- Ban the Box

- Lie Detector and Personality Testing

- Others

Drafting Documents

• Do's and Don'ts of Good Writing

• Specific Documents

- Employee Handbook

- Employment Agreements

- Disciplinary Forms

- Personnel Files

- Termination Letters


• How to Conduct Interviews

• How to Draft Reports

Applying What You Have Learned

• To Hiring

• To Firing

• To Wage and Hour Problems

• To Employee Absences and Leave Issues

• To Union Situations

• To Employee Evaluations

• To Promotions

• To Dealings With Customers and Clients