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Whistle-Blower Complaints and COVID-19: How to Deal With the Increase of Liability

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Learn how to properly handle a whistle-blower investigation and the potential remedies for whistle-blower violations and settlement options.COVID-19 pandemic has caused a tremendous impact on employment in the United States. As a result, there has been a significant number of employees laid off while employees who remain on the job have and are facing many novel safety and health issues. This has resulted in OSHA receiving an increase in a number of whistle-blower complaints. History involving past major catastrophic events such as 9/11, resulted in a significant increase in whistle-blower claims. Employers must prepare for more complaints and resulting whistle-blower investigations by OSHA. This topic will examine what is protected activity and adverse employment action. It will discuss both the employee's and employer's burden of proof. The information will discuss how to properly handle a whistle-blower investigation. Finally, the information will examine the potential remedies for whistle-blower violations and settlement options.


Edwin G. Foulke Jr., Fisher & Phillips LLP


How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Impacted OSHA Whistle-Blower Claims

• OSHA's Whistle-Blower Protection Program

• Protected Activity

• District Court Statutes

Overview of Investigative Process

• Filing a Complaint

• OSHA's Investigation

• Witness Interviews

OSHA's Settlement Policy

• Penalties

• Best Practices