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Financial Impacts of COVID-19: Restructuring, Liquidity Issues, and Bankruptcies

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Gain insight into the financial effect COVID-19 had on businesses and what trends may materialize as we emerge from it.The COVID-19 pandemic whacked several key economic sectors. These included hospitality and retail spaces. The pandemic curtailed civil court access, impeding the exercise of rights and remedies by financial actors. It interrupted the flow of business, commerce finance, galvanizing efforts by bankruptcy courts to address pandemic-related economic fallout. Perhaps most significantly, COVID-19 inverted the expectations of many participants in the economy. This course ties these various realities tie together to give insight into restructuring, liquidity, and bankruptcy in the pandemic era - and what trends may materialize as we emerge from it.


Gary F. Eisenberg, Perkins Coie LLP


When Is Failure to Pay a Default?

• Cash Management Issues

• Cash Flow Debt Obligations

• Force Majeure, Frustration of Purpose, Impossibility

Enforcement of Defaults in the COVID-19 Era

• Secured Party Sales

• Going to Court

• Moratoria

Chapter 11 in the COVID-19 Era

• Rent Payments

• Who Gets Heard When?

• Getting Credit for Things You're Already Supposed to Be Doing

• The New Subchapter V

• Venue Competition

• The Tightly Wound Financial System

• Interest Rates in Restructured Covid-19 Era Businesses