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Current Issues and Complexities in Fast-Track Construction Management

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Gain an understanding of the concepts, challenges, and potential risks of fast-track construction.More and more construction projects are being done with at least some fast-tracking where construction starts before the design is complete. At the same time, there are industry trends that are dramatically changing the way projects are designed and built. Understanding the challenges and inherent risks of fast-track construction and these trends can help owners, architects, engineers and contractors maximize their potential for profit and success. Owners are attracted to fast-track construction for potential money and time savings, but may not be aware of trade-offs that may cause some project budget items to increase, including internal project management costs. Architects and engineers may not have a clear idea of how to plan and manage drawings and specification production to provide information when it is needed for construction in multiple phases. Contractors may not understand how some interactions with the design team may adversely affect project goals. This topic will help you understand the interaction between the three groups responsible for getting a construction project completed under the fast-track method, and provides practical advice on contractual relationships and planning for a successful project.


Louis Medcalf, FCSI, CCS, SCIP, Conspectus, Inc.


Opportunities: Why Fast-Track Construction?

• What Is Fast-Track Construction?

• Definitions and Basic Concepts

• Owner Trade-Offs

• Effects on Design Team

• Effects on Construction Team

New Trends That Affect Fast-Track Construction

• Building Information Modeling

• Integrated Project Delivery

• New Organization Methods for Design Effort


• Code Considerations

• Integrated Project Design

• Construction Manager at Risk

• Contract Considerations: Balancing Risk and Reward

Planning a Fast-Track Project

• Early Planning: Owner, Design Team, Contractor

• Basic Methods of Document Organization

• Planning the Design Effort

• Document Management Goals and Concepts

Conclusion and Questions