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Taking the Mystery out of Depositions: Preparing Witnesses, Taking and Defending

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Master the fundamental concepts in taking and defending effective depositions.Many attorneys are intimidated by depositions and often do not understand how to take the mystery out of them. They especially do not understand how to ask questions, how to properly prepare witnesses or how to use exhibits. This content helps attorneys learn how to ask proper questions, how to prepare witnesses and how to defend depositions. This material also explains proven methods for using exhibits during depositions. A good deposition assists the parties in evaluating settlement posture.


J.D. Smith, Law Office of J.D. Smith PLLC


Purpose of Depositions

Applicable Rules of Civil Procedure

• Notice

• Limitations

• Taking the Deposition

• Objections

Client Preparation

• General Tips to Provide Client

• Building Your Case-Explaining Elements to Client

• Mock Depositions

• Video Deposition Prep

Taking the Deposition

• Preparation

• Use of Documents and Exhibits

• Effective Questioning Techniques

• Making a Good Record

Defending the Deposition

• Understanding the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures

• Don't Object Just to Object

• Protecting Privilege

• Instructions Not to Answer

General Tips and Parting Thoughts