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Managing Operational Risk in Banks and Financial Institutions

OnDemand Webinar (92 minutes)

Learn how to best manage operational risk and overcome operational challenges.Many banks and financial institutions struggle with implementing operational risk programs in order to manage nonfinancial risks caused by people, process breakdowns, systems, or external events. Some of these risk operations have been challenged by the added complexity to manage and impact, such as cybersecurity/IT disruptions, privacy concerns, and regulatory actions. This topic helps banks and financial institutions implement effective risk operating structures that align business objectives with performance metrics, establish both quantitative and qualitive operating mechanisms to support effective risk identification and management, and develop effective reporting to derive actionable insights and drive accountability.


David Angel, Navigant Consulting, Inc. Mitchell Gioia, Navigant Consulting, Inc. Vincent Urbancic, CFA, Navigant Consulting, Inc.


Overview of Risk Management and Operational Risk Management (ORM)

• ORM as a Component of Enterprise Risk Management

• Sources of ORM (People, Processes, Systems, External Events)

ORM Operations and Challenges

• Steps to Implementing an ORM Framework

• Key Activities to Maintain an ORM Framework

Managing ORM and Best Practices

• Operational Challenges and Solutions to Overcome Them

• Industry Best Practices

• Case Studies