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International Purchasing Fundamentals

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

Familiarize yourself with trade regulations and the legal issues of international purchasing and supply chain management.International purchasing fundamentals focuses on the critical issues that must be considered when U.S. companies source products outside of the U.S. Starting with the fundamental issue of finding the right international manufacturer or supplier, the topic continues with supply chain issues that arise after the product is manufactured and must be transported to the U.S. purchaser. It also includes a discussion of financial considerations in international purchasing, including defining landed cost, anti-dumping and countervailing duties, and currency exchange. International purchasing fundamentals concludes with an overview of trade regulation (export and import) and other legal issues that all international purchasing and supply chain management professionals will want to familiarize themselves with so as to understand the fundamental differences between domestic procurement and international purchasing.


Lynne W. Wendt, Wendt & Temples, LLC


Sourcing Decisions

• Evaluating the Pros and Cons of International Sourcing

• Strategic Procurement Decision Making and Variables to Be Considered

Internation Sourcing Considerations

• Product Quality Requirements and Availability of Foreign Manufacturers

• Availability of Raw Materials/Components and Costs

• Availability of Skilled Labor and Costs

• Transportation and Other Logistics Factors

• Protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

• Supply Chain Management (SCM)

• Corporate Codes of Conduct

• Regulatory Environment

Finding Quality Manufacturers

• Locating the Right Manufacturer/Supplier

• Certifications and Capacity

• Culture and Language

• Time to Market Factors

• Country of Manufacture's Record of Protecting IPR; Know the Risks

• Labor Conditions and Costs

• Political Stability


• Location of Factory

• Packaging Goods for International Transportation

• Inland Transportation (to Seaport or Airport)

• International Transportation

• Insurance

• Security

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

• Communication With Manufacturer - EDI Capabilities?

• Quality Inspections and Reports

• Supply Chain Partners and Shipment Tracking

• Monitoring Threats to SCM - Internal and External

• Factory Inspections and Audits

• U.S. CTPAT Membership

Financial Considerations

• Calculating Total Landed Cost

• Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duties

• Currency of Purchase and Exchange Issues

• Documentation of International Purchase

• Tax Considerations

Regulatory and Legal Issues

• Export and Import Regulations

• Country of Origin Determinations

• Protecting IPR

• Environmental Regulations

• Controlling for Forced Labor and Child Labor

• Internal Compliance Programs to Mitigate Risk