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Designing a Productive Environment for Your Employees

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Understand what can cause workplace productivity issues and learn many paths to resolve these problems.Do you love going to work or dread it? Do you feel that your work environment allows you to be the most successful employee you can be or is it holding you back from doing your job? Do you look forward to your time in the office or can't leave fast enough? Studies show that more than 65% of the workforce can't stand, or is completely disengaged, from their office resulting in huge losses in productivity, sending retention rates to historic lows, and making more than 75% of people feeling they are not safe or productive at their jobs. This topic helps empower you (whether it is your job or not) to understand what is causing your workplace issues and give you many paths to resolve the issues. You will be clear on what impacts workplace productivity and simple to complex approaches to shift your own workplace whether it's your job to do that or not. The material also provides a quick assessment to help you pinpoint where to focus first based on the issues at your workplace. Join us for a quick paced, easily applicable topic to make your workplace more productive.


Elizabeth Frisch, The Thrival Company


How Do You Define Productivity and Measure It in a Work Environment

• 10,000 Definitions With No Relevance

• How to Define Productive Workspace

• How to Measure Success

What Determines Whether an Employee Is Productive in a Workspace

• Personality (Somewhat)

• Learning Type (Definitely)

• Psychological Safety (Always)

• Other Critical Aspects You May Not Realize That Kill or Enhance Productivity

Free to High Investment Productivity Hacks for Your Workspace

• No Cost Enhancements

• Low Cost Options

• Investments (CAPEX or OPEX) to Transform Your Workplace