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Trademark Law for Paralegals

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Understanding how to file for and enforce a trademark can be crucial to defending your clients goods and services against unlawful copies.Many are familiar with the term trademark but have trouble distinguishing trademarks from the other forms of intellectual property such as copyrights and patents. This topic will explain the key differences among intellectual property and help you understand what constitutes a protectible trademark. This material will also explain the federal registration process within the USPTO, including how to respond to office actions. The topic will also discuss post-registration steps, like policing and enforcing a trademark, as well as determining whether there is any infringing use. The material will also provide a general overview of trademark litigation, including establishing the elements for a cause of action under the Lanham Act and defenses in response to an infringement claim.


Giselle M. Girones, Shullman Fugate PLLC Allison S. Lovelady, Shullman Fugate PLLC


What Is a Trademark?

• Trademark vs. Copyright vs. Patent

• What Can Be Trademarked?

• Word Mark vs. Design Mark vs. Word Plus Design Marks

Obtaining a Trademark

• Federal vs. State Rights

• Conducting a Trademark Search

• Federal Registration 101

• Filing the Application

• Office Actions

Enforcing Your Trademark

• Renewals

• Policing Your Mark

• Cease and Desist Letters

Trademark Infringement and Litigation

• Common Law Infringement

• The Lanham Act

• Likelihood of Confusion

• Defenses

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