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Medical Records 101: Responding to Requests for Patient Information

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Do you know who can have access to protected health information? Gain a confident understanding of PHI requests used for litigation.Receive an overview of medical management issues faced when responding to requests for patient information for litigation purposes. This topic includes extensive information in civil litigation, representation of large medical institutions and will provide guidance in avoiding mistakes in disseminating patient health information (PHI). You will understand what you need to know about the extent of PHI disclosure, people and parties authorized to receive PHI, and anticipated issues with electronic and computerized PHI. You will learn about the legal authority for release of PHI, submission of PHI, and privacy protections.


Matthew P. Keris, Esq., Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin


Physician and Patient Privilege

• Communications and Records Protected

• Destruction of Privilege

• IME and Court-Ordered Examinations

What Is a Record?

• Chart

• Post-Its

• Other HCPs Records Within the Chart

• Referrals and Consults

• Lab Studies and Radiology Reports

Authority to Release Records to Third-Parties

• Legal Directive

• By Permission of the Patient

• Waiver of Privilege

HIPAA and Patient Health Information Dissemination

• Retrieval Fees Depend on Who Is Requesting

• Unconditional Duty Irrespective of Medical Billing Issues

• Disclosure Accounting

• Medical Malpractice Discovery Requests

Special Records Issues

• Psychiatric Records

• Substance Abuse

• Child Abuse

• AIDS and HIV

• Insurance Disclosures

• How to Respond to Records Requests If Special Medical Information in Chart

Discovery of Peer Review Documents

• Definition of Peer Review

• People Conducting Peer Review

• Documents Utilized in Peer Review

• Documents Generated by Peer Review

• Peer Review vs. Incident and Insurance Reports

• Use and Purpose of Documents


• Benefits

• Application of HIPAA and Disclosure Audit

• Pitfalls

• System Issues

• Lawyers' Duty and Responsibility to Enforce Maintenance of Data in Wake of Zubulake v. UBS Warburg