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Issues Arising From Travel Pay and Personal Vacation

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Understand the issues and complexities when travel pay and personal vacation combine.

It is important to understand what tax implications there may be when an employee travels for a company and why it is important to ensure that the travel is business related. Most employers pay or reimburse employee expenses when they travel for business. Many of these expenses include transportation, meals, lodging and incidental expenses. However, there are tax implications when the travel is of a longer duration. These travel expenses that are paid or reimbursed by the employer must be treated as taxable compensation to the employee and are subject to W-2 reporting and payroll taxes. Employers need to make sure they have a solid policy on travel to ensure they manage the tax implications for the company as well as report it correctly for the employees.


Jackie A. Sexson


Tax Issues and Definitions

• Tax Home

• Travel to Different Workplaces

- Travel to a Regular Workplace

- Travel to Two Regular Workplaces

- Travel When Residence Is a Regular Workplace

Travel to a Temporary Workplace

• Definition

• Special Situations

Travel Time - What Is It?

• One Day Trips

• Overnight Trips

• Special Situations Such as Emergency Travel

Travel Expense Policy

• What Needs to Be in It

• Differentiating Business Travel and Personal Travel

• Exceptions