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Microsoft® Access® Update: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Create a better user experience for your database and transform it into a fast, efficient, and even enjoyable place to work.

Microsoft Access® is the database management system that is included with the Microsoft® Office Suite or Office 365. It is a program that helps you manage large amount of data even better than Microsoft Excel® can. Many people don't know how to use Access®, and may even be afraid of it. This material will really show you the ins and outs of using Microsoft Access® queries. In the business world, or within your organization, you probably experience large amounts of data. Maybe the data is about your sales, customers, donations, orders, employees, vendors, expenses, or whatever it may be.

Even though Excel® gives you some great ways to handle your data, with Access® you will be able to handle large amounts of data. This material will show you how to search on the data any way you want, , sort it , summarize, create calculations, and make queries with more than one table. If you handle large amounts of data, this information will help you tremendously.


Tom Fragale, DBA The PC Guy Consulting, INC



• Basic Queries

• Sorting

• Parameter/Prompt Queries

• Adding Calculations to Queries

• Total Queries to Generate Subtotals

• Cross Tab Queries

• Finding Duplicated

• Making Queries From More Than One Table


• Auto Form

• One to Many Forms

• Creating a Switchboard Form


• Report Wizard

• Label Wizard