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Overview of Working with Surviving Spouse

OnDemand Webinar (104 minutes)

Having a realistic and personalized plan for a surviving spouse is crucial when it comes to advising them on their estate and assets after the death occurs.A surviving spouse faces unique challenges after the death of their spouse and ends up in unchartered waters, emotionally, spiritually and financially. The surviving spouse suddenly finds him or herself alone, grieving, vulnerable and forced to deal with legal issues. This information will provide a format for advisors, whether legal, financial or otherwise, to guide and counsel clients who have recently experienced the death of a spouse. The materials will emphasize the myriad of issues that arise for the surviving spouse and present workable suggestions and solutions. This information is critical for anyone who specializes in estate planning or probate or who wants to learn more about this important topic. To often clients fail to plan for the what if scenario or end up in a scenario for which there an insufficient plan or worse, yet, no plan. These materials will provide the necessary tools to address these issues.


Tereina Stidd, Cole Schotz P.C.


Gather Information

• Financial Data (Statements, Credit Cards, Taxes, Insurance)

• Trusted Advisors (Lawyer, Accountant, Financial Advisor, Insurance Guy, Priest/Rabbi)

• Legal Documents (Wills, Trusts, Benefits, Certificates - Marriage, Birth, Death)

Speak With Trusted Advisors

• Lawyer

• Accountant

• Financial Advisor

• Friend/Family Member

Address Legal Issues

• Burial and Funeral

• Creditors

• Expenses

• Probate

• Non-Probate Assets

• Insurance - Health, Life, Auto

• Homestead

• Taxes

• Memberships

• Cash Flow

• Retirement Assets

Plan for the Future

• Update Estate Planning Documents

• Asses Financial Needs

• Ask Questions

• Develop a Network

Unique Situations

• Second Marriages

• Elective Share/Disinherited Spouse