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More than Simply Cutting Your Losses: How Contracts and Relationship Management Can Attain Higher Levels of Procurement Value

OnDemand Webinar (94 minutes)

Drive the economic value of terms and conditions through relationships, commitments, priorities and expectations.Failing to capture and generate value from contracts is a lose-lose scenario - both customer and supplier/contractor should deem it a failure. Yet, when the contracting aspect is approached differently, a win-win scenario emerges. Both parties must realize that low value rates from contracts can usually be avoided. New approaches and mindsets must be introduced with both parties. This topic will be based on research, data and in the trenches experiences, synthesized into a coherent and compelling message for the audience to apply in their own organization. Value generation and high-yield contracting are at the leading edge of today's commercial practice. You will acquire practical insights into how they can move to the forefront.


Jim Bergman, Commercial Officers Group


Collaboration and Innovation in Generating Greater Levels of Value

• Why Are Traditional Models Failing to Generate Success?

• Which Competitive Advantages Are the New Norm and Which Are No Longer a Differentiator?

• How Are Stakeholders Recalibrating Their Expectations?

Mitigating Commercial Risks Instead of Merely Managing Them

• Is Risk Management an Art or Science?

• How Are Contracts Being Applied as Part of the Solution?

• Can Project Management Tools Enable Greater Effectiveness?

Contract Terms and Conditions Which Enable Value Generation

• How Can We Calculate Financial Equivalents?

• Which Terms Are High-Yield in Value Generation?

• Can Suppliers and Customers Form a Common Definition of Value?

Transforming the Narrative

• Can Value Generation Serve as a Mutual Objective?

• What Are the New Sources and Methods in Generating Supply Chain Value?

• How Can the Parties Motivate Each Other to Innovate?

Moving Down the Path

• What Is Needed in a Value Generation Project Plan?

• How Can One Get the Ball Rolling?

• Who Should Manage the Tool Box and Knowledge Management System?