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Tenant Retention Best Practices - Learn How to Keep Tenants Happy and Increase Renewals

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn effective engagement and retention techniques to get your tenants to renew.In today's competitive multifamily residential marketplace, why is it that some communities constantly struggle with tenant turnover, delinquencies, and dissatisfaction, while others overcome adversity and thrive? Why do some multifamily communities immediately identify weaknesses and overcome them, while others remain unwilling or unable to confront their shortcomings and create opportunities for improvement? This topic will help you to identify barriers to success in the multifamily residential marketplace to address tenant turnover and dissatisfaction while improving asset value and increase return on investment. This content will identify specific and cost-effective ideas that can be implemented in virtually any multifamily community to increase tenant satisfaction, increase renewals, and make measurable success a reality on a consistent basis.


Kevin A. Fanning, Clark Hill PLC


Is Your Multifamily Residential Community Living in the Past?

• First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

- Human Connections

- The Five Senses of Connectivity

- Community Business Discretion

• The Importance of Your Community's Online Presence

- Your Website Is Your Community's Curb Appeal

- Top Ideas for Graphics and Content

- Online Reputation Management

Tenant Engagement and Retention

• An Energetic Community

- Physical: Walkable and Colorful

- Virtual: Online Services That Are Updated and Useful

• A Coordinated Community

- Proud, Upbeat and Updated Branding

- Consistent Multichannel Branding

• Community Sophistication

- Places to Engage and Interact

- Opportunities for Health and Wellness Improvement

- Consistent Attention to Detail

ROI Best Practices

• Renovations for Rent Increases

• Renovations for Millennial Tenant Attraction

• The Importance of Turf, Hedges and Edges

• Community Signage, Consistency and Branding

Mitigating Tenant Problems

• Interactions and Communications: Attitudes and Emails

• Solutions That Work: Three Steps for a Solution

• Service Providers: Ambassadors for Your Community