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Procedures and Documentation: What U.S. Business Needs to Know about Importing into Mexico

OnDemand Webinar (67 minutes)

Gain an understanding of the import/export laws and regulations that pertain to your business activities.The most important part of mitigating compliance liability when you are an importer or exporter is understanding what laws and regulations pertain to your business activities. This topic, aimed at U.S. companies that need to export products to Mexico, is an overview of the regulatory scheme for importing products into Mexico. It includes a discussion of the Mexican entry process, including the Pedimento, and what information and documentation are required for entry. We will review how to determine the customs value of the products for the Pedimento and what tariffs, taxes, and fees may be owed on the imports. This course also provides an overview of the USMCA Rules of Origin and documentation required for a Verification of Origin. The material will end with a discussion of recordkeeping requirements, what to do in the event of a customs audit or penalty, Mexico's OEA Supply Chain Security Program, and resources to help you locate additional information.


Lynne W. Wendt, Wendt & Temples, LLC


Importing Into Mexico - the Official Register of Importers (Padron De Importadores) and Special Sector Registries

The Customs Entry (Pedimento De Importaction) and Process

Required Import Documentation and Applicable Documentation Demonstrating Compliance With Mexico's Product Safety and Performance Requirements

Tariff Classification Under Harmonized Tariff System (HTS)

Tariffs, Taxes, and Fees, Antidumping and Countervailing Duties, Sectoral Promotion Program (PROSEC) - ‘Definitive' Imports and Temporary Imports

Customs Valuation

USMCA - 9 Data Elements

Rules of Origin - Preferential and Non-Preferential Determinations of Origin and Documentation

Recordkeeping Requirements

The Importer's Legal Liability - Mexico's Customs Regulations

Verifications of Origin - Other Compliance Audits - Customs Penalties

Mexico's Authorized Economic Operators Certification (OEA) (Operadores Economicos Autoizados) - Supply Chain Security Program

Resources for Further Information and Data