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Creating Real Estate Financial Models in Excel

OnDemand Webinar (89 minutes)

Learn how to break down the real estate pro forma in Excel®.

In this topic, the information, will bring prior commercial real estate experience to the forefront and walk you through creating a simplified real estate proforma. The information will cover worksheet functions, such as SUMIF for looking up numbers from Excel® profit & loss reports and other sources; contrasting IRR and XIRR; and using CUMIPMT and CUMPRINC to eliminate building and referencing amortization tables when calculating debt service. Other techniques will include using the conditional formatting feature to color code lease expirations and heat map rental rates. You'll learn how to build a waterfall chart to illustrate NOI (net operating income) for a given year, and how to use keyboard shortcuts, including the F4 key for toggling absolute references and Ctrl-R for copying formulas to the right. The information will cover such nuances as opening CSV files in Excel® as well as managing the protected view prompt, which can slow you down when you open reports exported from cloud-based software.


David H. Ringstrom, CPA, Accounting Advisors, Inc.


Building a Simplified Real Estate Proforma Model for Determining the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on a Given Investment

Contrasting Sending Reports to Excel® vs. Exporting to Comma-Separated Value (CSV) Files

Opening CSV Files vs. Opening Excel® Workbooks

Understanding How to Manage the Protected View Prompt in Excel® 2010 and Later

Overcoming VLOOKUP's Quirks by Using the SUMIF Function to Look up Numeric Values

Calculating the Principal Portion of a Loan Paid During a Specific Time Period by Way of the CUMPRINC Function

Maximizing Space in Spreadsheets by Using Custom Number Formats to Incorporate Words Into Cells That Contain Numeric Values

Jump-Starting Spreadsheet Projects Using Free, Prebuilt Templates in Excel®

Computing the Internal Rate of Return for a Series of Cash Flows With the IRR Function

Understanding How XIRR Provides More Accurate Return Calculations Than IRR

Computing Returns on Irregular Cash Flow Distributions When Needed

Heat-Mapping Rental Rates With the Conditional Formatting Feature

Color-Coding Cells Between a Range of Amounts

Building an Instant Vacancy Schedule by Year via Excel's® Pivottable Feature

Illustrating Financial Statements With a Waterfall Chart in Excel® 2016 and Later

Using a Keyboard Shortcut so You'll Never Have to Manually Type $ Signs in a Formula Again