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IRS Appeals and Alternative Dispute Resolution

OnDemand Webinar (93 minutes)

Join us for a comprehensive guide to navigating the IRS appeals process.IRS audits and enforcement have become more aggressive over the last decade. Taxpayers caught up in an audit, and their representatives, need to understand the natural points where audits can be resolved without resorting to costly litigation. The IRS offers numerous pathways to resolve cases before trial, but an early strategy is necessary to determine which pathway is best and how to steer the case towards such pathway. This information will help CPAs, enrolled agents, in-house counsel, and taxpayers understand how to strategically navigate an IRS audit towards resolution through IRS Appeals or other alternative dispute resolution techniques. The topic will discuss the complex procedural rules and rights that must be exercised, at the proper time, to ensure taxpayers obtain the best outcome.


Rachael Rubenstein, Clark Hill Strasburger T. Joshua Wu, Clark Hill Strasburger


Introduction to IRS Enforcement

• IRS Enforcement Capabilities and Priorities

• IRS Exam

• Settlement at Exam With or Without IRS Appeals Involvement

IRS Administrative Appeals

• The Effectiveness of IRS Appeals

• The IRS Appeals Process

• The IRS Appeals Process for Docketed Cases

Special IRS Appeals Cases and Procedures

• IRS Appeals of Collection Matters

• IRS Appeals of International and FBAR Matters

• Post-Appeals Alternative Dispute Resolution Options