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Safety Audits and Site Inspections

OnDemand Webinar (95 minutes)

Learn best practices in planning, implementation, and the follow-up necessary to conduct a comprehensive facility safety audit.A common question facing both management and safety directors is whether or not the company safety program is making the impact on employee safety and health as it was intended as well as what enhancements are needed to further improve the program. A safety audit can help determine how effective your safety program is and will become an essential piece of your overall safety management system. Receive the tools necessary to be able to evaluate your organization safety culture. This information will provide managers and safety professionals with an overview of the safety health inspection process necessary to determine whether the company safety program is performing at the level intended and necessary to assist the company in achieving operational excellence. This program will provide an overview of an effective safety audit to give managers and safety professionals' insight into what needs to be done to enhance their overall program. This information examines the required elements and provisions on conducting an effective safety audit, as well as examines specific techniques to improve the process of checking on how the company safety program is impacting on the employees' ability to return home to their families and loved ones each and every night. Techniques for planning, implementation, and follow-up necessary to conduct a comprehensive facility safety audit will also be discussed.


Edwin G. Foulke Jr., Fisher & Phillips LLP


Effectively Managing an Inspection Program

The Planning Steps Necessary In Order to Conduct a Successful Safety Audit

How to Develop and Use Checklists as Part of the Safety Audit

How to Prepare the Organization for Conducting the Safety Audit, Including Input From Key Stakeholders

Ensuring Through the Safety Audit That You Are Compliant With All OSHA Requirements

How to Determine Through Your Safety Audit the Effectiveness of Various Safety and Health Programs in Place

Determine Whether the Necessary Documentation Is in Place Is to Prove Compliance

Identification of How Effective Employee Training Is

Examine How to Do a Comprehensive Review of the Company's Written Safety Program

Ensuring That Specific Duties and Responsibilities Are Properly Assigned and Sufficient Assets Provided

Preparing Recommendations From the Safety Audit

Ensuring Corrective Actions Are Completed From the Safety Audit Findings