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Writing Effective RFPs or Tenders

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Learn tips and tricks to write a clear and informative RFP so the response rate and quality of proposals increase.The RFP process is oftentimes the best way to establish a dialogue between a buyer and suppliers. It creates an even playing field for submissions. However, many buyers simply do not know where to start and frequently issue RFPs that are confusing, missing key details and do not allow for an apples to apples comparison. This causes frustration with key stakeholders, delays in the process and increased costs. This topic helps the people in your organization who are responsible for procuring suppliers write and issue effective RFPs. It explains the process on how to collaborate with internal stakeholders and write an RFP that educates and engages the suppliers to take the time to send in well written and informative responses. This information is critical because the RFP process is a necessity for many organizations, yet response rates and the quality of responses are low. The way to improve the process begins with the RFP itself. If it is well written, clear and sets expectations with all who are involved the response rate and quality of proposals will increase.


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How to Define What You Need and How to Receive Qualified Responses

• How to Educate, Inspire and Engage Stakeholders

• How to Manage Stakeholder Expectations

• Defining Your Needs - What You Really Need

What to Include and What Not to Include

• Background Info on Organization

• What's the Structure for Responses?

• Question and Answer Sessions/Transparency

• Define Selection Criteria

• Budget - You Have to Have One

How to Evaluate RFP Responses

• Is It All About Pricing?

• Chemistry Test - Do You Want to Work With Them?

• Did They Follow Instructions?

• Evaluate Success