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Recent Trends in Billboard Law

OnDemand Webinar (106 minutes)

Obtain a comprehensive overview of the law governing outdoor signs.

Many people who consider erecting outdoor signs do not fully understand the process and the requirements surrounding them. This topic seeks to explain the procedure to erect an outdoor sign and will describe the objector's view in the process. The material also explains regulations and laws surrounding outdoor signs such as the Highway Beautification Act and the First Amendment. It will provide an overview in the regulation of commercial and noncommercial speech and describe some of the different methodologies in applying the regulations throughout different jurisdictions. The topic will also describe the challenges municipalities face with the increase in bill-board signs such as a higher risk in lawsuits.


Katharine A. Coffey, Day Pitney LLP
Richard P. Cushing, Gebhardt & Kiefer, P.C. Robert F. Simon, Esq., Herold Law, P.A.
Christopher John Stracco, Day Pitney LLP


Roadside Sign Control and Outdoor Advertising (N.J.A.C. 16:41C-1.1 et seq.)

• Explanation of Where the Regulation Applies

• Examples of the Amendments to the Regulation

Regulations Governing Billboards and Signs

• Sign and Billboard Applications

• Billboard and Sign Applications- the Objector's View

• Prohibitions and Regulations on Signs and Billboards

Drafting Sign Regulation Ordinances - a Municipal Perspective

• Regulating Commercial Speech

• Regulating Noncommercial Speech

• Drafting Municipal Ordinances

The Challenges Billboards Create for Municipalities

• Risk of Lawsuit

• Steps to Take If Billboard Construction Is Inconsistent With Municipality's Land Use Planning Goals

Ancillary Topics Regarding Billboards and Signs

• Tax Appeals

• Billboard Leases