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Developing a Smartphone Policy for Health Care Providers

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Learn policy recommendations for the use of a personal mobile device and how to comply with HIPAA regulations.Technology's benefits to health care cannot be understated. Smartphones, in particular, allow for greater communication between the patient and the provider, as well as between providers. However, as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility as mobile health care technology puts information at our fingertips, its use heightens risk to providers and patients alike. This information will review the important laws and regulations a health care organization needs to consider when developing their smartphone policies, as well as highlighting what regulators are looking for in reviewing an organization's policies and procedures. The material will conclude with a practical look at crafting a least restrictive smartphone policy to ensure both risk mitigation and employee compliance.


Kathryn Carey, Baker & Hostetler LLP Kimberly C. Gordy, Baker & Hostetler LLP


HIPAA and Smartphone Policies

• What Sections of the Privacy Rule Impact Smartphone Policies

Security Issues With Smartphone Policies

• How the HIPAA Security Rule Impacts Your Policies

• Analysis of Texting in the Healthcare Setting

Regulators and Smartphone Policies

• Understanding How Regulators May Come to Be Concerned With Your Policies and How to Avoid It

• Regulators Approach to Mobile Apps

Smartphone Use in Practice

• Drafting a Policy Your Employees Will Follow

• Policies Covering Patient Use of Smartphones on Premise

Case Studies