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Ethics for Paralegals

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Be prepared - learn how to expertly handle ethical issues.The responsibilities and professional obligations of paralegals are impacted by various rules of professional conduct and national, state, and local professional association guidelines. Paralegals face the same ethics issues which attorneys encounter and are also responsible for following the ethics rules applicable to lawyers. Thus, paralegals should not only know the applicable guidelines for paralegals, but should also understand the rules of professional conduct applicable to lawyers, the subjects of which rules paralegals are likely to encounter on a regular basis. The more paralegals are aware of the rules and their application in practice, the more paralegals will avoid problems. This topic will give you an overview of common ethics issues, guidelines, and the rules of professional conduct applicable to lawyers as well as the paralegals who assist them.


Gilda T. Russell, Morrison & Foerster LLP


Rules and Guidelines Applicable to Paralegals

• Rules of Professional Conduct

• American Bar Association Guidelines

• Association Guidelines

Particular Areas of Concern

• Competence and Diligence

• Confidentiality

• Professional Integrity and Honesty

• Conflicts of Interest

• Responsibility of Supervising Attorneys

• Unauthorized Practice of Law