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Utilizing Pro Forma Modeling in Excel®

OnDemand Webinar (88 minutes)

Ensure your Excel® pro forma financial model is correctly structured and formatted.Executives and investors rely on Excel® pro forma financial models to make critical business decisions, so the models must be correct. This means the model must be correctly structured and formatted in Excel®, and the model must properly represent a company's business operations. How can you analyze an Excel® pro forma financial model to ensure it meets these criteria? In this topic you will learn how to audit any Excel® spreadsheet for proper structure or critical errors. We will also review basic credit analysis techniques, so you can determine if the Excel® pro forma financial model accurately represents a company's future business activities. This information is essential for anyone who works with critical Excel® financial models daily, so they can ensure their spreadsheets are reliable and error-free.


Bruce Kaufmann, Spreadsheet Diagnostics


Course Overview

Audit for Spreadsheet Errors

• Formula Errors

- Formula Consistency

- Hardcoded Formulas

- Error Messages

• Structural Errors

- Formatting

- Variables Worksheet

Spreadsheet Numbers vs. Business Reality

• Does the Spreadsheet Accurately Reflect Business Operations?

• Are the Spreadsheet Calculations Correct?

Analyzing the Financial Statement

• The Essential Financial Ratios

• Using Ratios to Analyze a Business

Cash Flow

• The Accounting Cash Flow Statement

• The Operational Cash Flow Statement

• Working Capital

Tips for Working in Excel®

• Named Ranges

• Customizing the Ribbon

• Paste Special