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Write and Update your Activity Hazard Analysis

OnDemand Webinar (90 minutes)

Understand how to implement an effective safety program on construction projects of any scale.Government regulations mandate that contractors have effective worker safety programs in place on construction job sites. An Activity Hazardous Analysis (AHA) is one of the tools that must be used by contractors on most government and many private construction projects. This information will help you to develop a cost effective approach to meeting these requirements.


J. Paul Guyer, P.E., R.A., Guyer Partners


What Is an Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA)?

• Federal Agency Heritage, but Applicable to State, Local and Private Enterprises

• Planning Tool for Worker Safety

• On The Job Tool for Managing Worker Safety

Part of the Contractor Risk Management Process to Identify

• Definable Features of Work (DFOW)

• Tasks/Activities

• Job Steps

• Hazards

Assess Worker Risks

• Risk Assessment Codes (RAC)

• Task/Activity RACs

• Job Step RACs

• Safety Controls

• Equipment Required

• Training

• Inspections

• Competent Person (CP)/Qualified Person (QP)

Six-Step Process for Writing and Updating an Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA)

• Definable Features of Work

• Hazards

• Controls

• Competent/Qualified Personnel

• Risk Assessment Code

• Equipment, Training, Inspection

Potentially Hazardous Activities

• Sanitation

• Personal Protective Equipment

• Hazardous Agents

• Welding and Cutting

• Electrical

• Hazardous Energy

• Tools

• Material and Load Handling, Rigging

• Vehicles and Machinery

• Fall Protection

• Excavation

• Tree Work