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Estate Planning Considerations in a Changing Economy

OnDemand Webinar (110 minutes)

Understand how to recognize the change in your client's estate plans within the evolving economy.Many people have not reviewed their estate plan or business succession plan in many years and have not made changes in their plan to accommodate changed circumstances relating to a changing economy. Likewise, many blended families have not updated their estate plan to reflect changes in their net worth relating to a changing economy. This topic helps the persons responsible for advising people about their estate plan to recognize issues relating to a changing economy and to address these issues in a properly crafted estate plan. The material also explains how interest rates and inflation can cause a family's needs to change over time. Failing to address changing needs is one of the most common mistakes embedded in an estate plan and are often revealed once it is too late to make changes. This information is critical to help advisors develop the knowledge and skills to properly review a client's estate plan and assess the weaknesses relating to a changing economy and its effect on the client's plan.


Alan L. Stroud, JD & CPA, Beck & Associates, PLLC


Review the Client's Current Plan

• Identify Issues Affected by Interest Rates and Inflation

• Look for Fixed-Dollar Bequests and Check for Appropriateness

• Compare Percentage Bequests to Total Estate Value

• Analyze How Economy Could Affect Estate

• Recommendations for Current Estate Planning Clients

• Estate Tax Issues and Related Planning

Review Existing and Potential Planning Alternatives

• Blended Family Issues



• Sales to Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts

Planning for Client's Business

• Buy-Sell Planning

• Salary Continuation Plans

• Shareholder Loans