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Ellis Act Evictions Update

OnDemand Webinar (96 minutes)

California's Ellis Act has been increasingly used in bigger cities creating issues with withdrawal and evictions.

The cost of housing has surged in California's big cities and owner-occupancy has become increasingly more difficult and more expensive in rent and eviction control jurisdictions like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Santa Monica, and Oakland. California's Ellis Act (Government Code §§ 7060 et seq.) is the primary means by which property owners can exit the rental housing business in order to devote properties to other uses, including owner occupancy. This topic will analyze and discuss legal developments concerning the Ellis Act. It will identify issues decided by the courts in 2015, and suggest practical solutions where available. This topic will greatly educate any attorney, manager, owner, or professional about the kinds of issues and problems that practitioners face with Ellis Act withdrawal and evictions.


Curtis F. Dowling, Dowling & Marquez, LLP


The Historical Origins of the Ellis Act - the Legislature Responds to Nash v. City of Santa Monica

The Original Version of the Ellis Act

The Current Version of the Ellis Act

The Details of Ellis Act Withdrawals and Unlawful Detainer Litigation

Permissible Aspects of Local Regulation in the Face of Ellis Act Withdrawals

The Political Future of the Ellis Act