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Top 9 Tips to Reduce Your Risk When Buying Development Land

OnDemand Webinar (84 minutes)

Be able to recognize and understand the significant issues that can make or break a real estate purchase and development deal.

Identify nine considerations that should be investigated, evaluated and understood in association with buying and developing land providing you with a relevant overview of the most significant issues impacting land purchase and development. This topic will focus on purchasing land for retail and commercial development however, the content can be applied to the purchase of land for residential, industrial, institutional and other forms of land development with the knowledge that not all of the factors presented will be applicable.

This information has been prepared based on Gregory P. Quatchak's 35+ years of land development experience, combined with input on the demographic, economic and legal issues from some very good clients. Recognize and understand the significant issues that can make or break a real estate purchase and development deal.


Gregory P. Quatchak, P.E., Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.


Understanding Project Demographics

• Market Study

• Tenant Demographic Requirements

Legal Aspects of the Real Estate Transaction

• Requirements of Land Purchase Contracts

• Escrow Deposits

• Costs

• Transaction Closing Requirements

Economics of the Deal

• Market Lease Rates

• Tenant Requirements

• Return on Investment (ROI)


• Zoning Standards

• Land Development Ordinance Requirements

• Variances, Conditional Use

Identify the Local Politics

• Local and/or Regional Perspectives on Development

• Environmental and/or Watch Dog Groups

• Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

• Sustainability and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)

Due Diligence

• Jurisdictional Waters and Wetlands

• Threatened and Endangered Species

• FEMA Floodways/Floodplains

• Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

• Physiographic Features

• Utility Availability

• ALTA/ACSM Survey


• State and Federal Regulatory Programs

• Department of Transportation Approvals

• Local Site Plan Approvals

• Building Permits

The Project Schedule

• Balancing Tenant Opening Requirements With the Entitlements Process

Assembling the Project Team