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Emerging and Disruptive Technologies in Transportation

OnDemand Webinar (87 minutes)

Understand the implications that emerging and disruptive technologies may have on transportation.We are inundated on a daily basis with news about autonomous vehicles, Uber and Lyft, and technology in transportation systems. As transportation planners and engineers, we are left to ourselves to decide what these disruptive forces mean for our day to day activities. With so much uncertainty, we are left without a lot of guidance as to how to advise our clients, government officials, and the public regarding the future of transportation systems. This topic will provide you with a broad overview regarding the implications of technology disruption. This material will also provide you with strategies to prepare your clients for the future of the transportation revolution, while identifying bridges to the future to stay grounded in the present. Without the tools to prepare for rapidly emerging technological trends, transportation planners and engineers will not be able to prepare their constituents for the short and long term changes that will affect their communities. This information is critical for transportation planners and engineers so they can become more aware and informed about the coming wave of technological innovation that will dramatically alter our understanding of modern mobility.


William F. Lyons Jr., P.E., AICP, Fort Hill Companies, LLC


Factors Influencing Transportation Demand

• Demographics

• Access to Opportunity

• Economics

• Safety

• Environment

Mobility Context

• Urbanization

• Demographics

• Technology

Mobility Implications

• Design

• Traffic Flow

• Traffic Safety

• Vulnerable Populations

• Land Use

• Government Revenues

• Labor Dislocation

• Data Privacy

Mobility as a Service