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Real Estate Auction Fundamentals

OnDemand Webinar (57 minutes)

Real estate markets in many communities have become more erratic and inconsistent over the last few years. Foreclosures are at all-time highs and many owners, both residential and commercial, are seeing their properties as either "underwater" or "upside down". While mortgage rates are at historical lows rates, the ability to obtain a mortgage is extremely difficult and complicated. Traditional real estate sales continue, however slowly and real estate auctions have becoming more visible and prevalent. Broker/agents, buyers and sellers are interested in real estate auctions but wonder: how do real estate auctions work? How can a broker/agent make money from real estate auctions? How can buyers and sellers participate in real estate auctions? What types of properties can be sold in real estate auctions? What are some of the strategies for selling properties in a real estate auction? This OnDemand Webinar will give real estate professionals as well as buyers and sellers an overview of the how's, what's and when to use real estate auctions.


Paul A. Lynn, CCIM, AmeriBid LLC and Paul A. Lynn & Associates, LLC


Use of Real Estate Auctions

• History of the Uses of Auctions in Commerce and Real Estate Auctions

• Comparison of Traditional Real Estate Sales and Real Estate Auctions Programs

• Auction Programs and Strategies

• Types of Auction Formats

• Types of Properties Sold at Auction

• Types of Sellers That Participate in Re Auctions

Auction Marketing Techniques

• Financial Aspects of Auctions (Marketing Costs, Fees/Commissions/Buyer's Premium)

• How Can Brokers/Salesmen Participate in Auctions

Case Studies

• Samples and Results of Various Auction Sales