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Pharmacy Benefit Plans: Strategies to Control Costs

OnDemand Webinar (86 minutes)

With prescription drug trends back in the double digits, and pharmacy benefits approaching upwards of 20%+ of total health care costs, what is an employer to do to manage costs and deliver the high quality pharmaceutical benefits demanded by today's employees?

This OnDemand Webinar will provide not only an overview of the pharmacy benefit industry as it exists today, but provide information on how we got to where we are; some of the mistakes that were made; and how to avoid making those same mistakes again moving forward. The knowledge and information provided during this OnDemand Webinar will arm you with both conceptual information and details on how best to work with your vendors to manage costs, deliver appropriate medication therapies, and help to manage your covered population to be responsible in their "Health Behaviors". Delivering comprehensive health care benefits to our employers does not have to be crippling to the payer and our bottom line, if we align the interests of all parties. The information provided will help employers minimize excessive profits being earned by some of the vendors: at the expense of our own bottom lines and to utilize those resources to provide benefits to our employees.


Michael S. Jacobs, R.Ph., Buck Consultants, Inc


Industry Today

• Pharmaceutical Industry Historic Perspective

• Pharmacy Benefits From 1960 Until Today

• How PBM's Became Indispensable

How We Got to Where We Are

• Drug Costs Over Time

• Flat Cost Sharing vs. Co-Insurance Programs

• Distribution Channels and How to Manage Them

• Legal Influences

- Patent Law, OBRA Impact, NDA's and BLA's

What Is Changing and How to Take Advantage of It

• Government Influences

• Generics, Wellness and Personal Responsibility - Behavioral Economics

• Rx to OTC Conversions and the Economics of the Business

• Mail, Retail and Specialty - What Makes Sense and When?

What to Expect Moving Forward

• The Pharmacy Benefit Landscape Over the Next 3 to 5 Years

• What to Think About When Designing Benefit Programs for Your Employees