Seminar ID: 100538

Reducing an Attorney's Exposure by Selecting the Right Clients and Proper Documentation

Presented By:
Mark K. Anesh

Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith, Llp.

You will Learn:

  • How client and case selection alone is important in reducing or eliminating exposure
  • How documenting your file from the inception of retention helps reduce risk of a claim
  • How documenting your file from the inception of retention helps defend against a claim if one arises
  • How documenting your file helps reduce exposure
  • How properly prepared and transmitted disengagement and non-engagement letters can help avoid claims

This webinar is sponsored by Protexure Lawyers.

Lawyers are typically very eager to take on a new client or case, often ignorant of the risks associated with client selection and how taking the appropriate steps to analyze each retention will help avoid future claims. Further, lawyers are notorious for poorly documenting their files and would benefit greatly if they knew that certain, simple steps can be taken during the course of their representation in order to avoid and/or help them defend against claims. More often than not, the client’s word will prevail over that of the attorney. Listen to this webinar and learn how properly defining the scope of each representation with your clients, and how/why non-engagement or disengagement letters can eliminate claims from being made against you.