Seminar ID: 100349

Professional Practice Management: Why You Need & How to Get a Big Idea!

Presented By:
Glen J. Cooper


You will Learn:

  • Learn why transforming what you do in your professional practice might be the best way to make your firm stand out.
  • Discover at least five reasons that your clients are probably frustrated with professionals like you.
  • Understand that addressing client frustrations is a way to differentiate your firm.
  • Learn why developing a “Big Idea” is a way to address client frustrations.
  • Understand the five parameters of a “Big Idea.”

Differentiating your professional practice so that it stands out in today’s very crowded marketplace will become increasingly difficult. All the meaningless and clever slogans are taken! No, seriously, with a worldwide market, social media and a bad economy, every short-cut that professionals can take to stand out has already been tried! Get a “Big Idea” and transform what you do! It’s time to get real and go back to a unique concept: be the best at something and claim your niche! Watch this 10-minute webinar to learn how!