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California Public Contracting Requirements and Competitive Bidding

A bound 176 page manual
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Managing projects under California's Public Contracting Laws.This seminar will review the key issues and tradeoffs at each stage of a California public works construction project. Starting with selection of a project delivery method, the seminar will move through the life cycle of a project, including professional services agreements, prequalification and best value selection, key construction contract terms, limiting liability and risk transfers, labor compliance, liquidated damages, disputes, statutory claim procedures, closeout and prompt payment of retention. The seminar will cover the recently expanded scope of the California conflict of interest statutes, prevailing wage enforcement and statutory limits on indemnities and damages. Covering more than just the nuts and bolts, the seminar will provide perspectives on the most important issues that arise and how the manager strikes the right balance in the solutions chosen at each stage.


Eric J. Firstman, Esq., Meyers Nave Douglas M. McManamon, Esq., Meyers Nave