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Employment Law Update in Arizona

A bound 176 page manual
Copyright 2019
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Don't get left behind - get the training you need to avoid compliance confusion and expensive litigation.It is not if your understanding of employment law will be tested - it is when. Prevent the financially crippling employee claims and lawsuits that plague employers in hard financial times. With changes in the law and court interpretations, periodic reviews of your human resource forms, policies and procedures are critical to ensure compliance.
Register for this seminar and get the money-saving employment savvy your company has been looking for. Whether you are new to the field or have years of experience, you will walk away with the ability to confidently handle every challenge you face.Benefits for You- How to implement critical wage and hour basics correctly in your workplace - How to respond to today's hot issues - including sorting through the complex maze of laws governing leaves of absence - Learn tips on conducting investigations - Learn latest on I-9 audits


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