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February 3, 2014 — 1,060 views  

Advances in digital technology are not only revolutionizing our communication techniques, but our society too. A growing number of government leaders are realizing the drastic difference technology can make towards helping our community function smoother. Many applications are being innovated to bridge the gap between the community and civic authorities, and to aid social causes. Here are five apps that promote civic growth:


This app gives civic organizations a chance to interact with their respective constituents. Many adults often don't find the time to attend public meetings, even if they want to. Through this app, they can reach out and voice their opinion to civic organizations, with the help of various communication tools online. Civic organizations such as hospitals, schools, universities and such, can use this app to keep people posted on their happenings. Its various tools like surveys, interactive budgeting, voting, idea submission and idea refinement give the audience a chance to actively participate in the process.


Recovers is an app that tells people how to prepare for a disaster before it strikes. It can also be used by communities who have already been afflicted by a disaster to emerge from it. Survivors can reach out to local officials through messaging or web, so they can be provided with any help to get them out safe. Volunteers can pitch in with their efforts too, by donating survival aides or helping them out if they're in the vicinity. Civic officials can manage requests from survivors and the survival gear/ donations from the volunteers to help the community when a calamity strikes.


Through this app, citizens can donate supplies, funds, and time to improve their community.  It encourages charity and volunteering, apart from improving community engagement. Organizations can use the app to expand their community outreach. They can use it to promote a cause or raise funds for the same.


This app helps entrepreneurs to get their companies kick started easily. The City Hall permitting process is considerably eased down by using an interface online. Through Open Counter, business owners don't have to deal with complex procedures that could make setting up a new business a hassle.  Open Counter has a series of questions by answering which business owners can roughly estimate their fees, requirements, and turnaround time.


It can be frustrating to see civic facilities in a state of distress, and to not be able to do anything to set it right. CitySourced helps in reporting these conditions to the government. From potholes to graffiti, citizens can inform government officials regarding the issue, and they'll constantly receive updates on its improvements. They can click pictures of any environmental issues bothering them and post it through the app. The government can pinpoint the exact area where the issue is prevalent through GIS, and deal with the issue. Another advantage of this app is that it can easily integrate with existing systems, which means lesser work for the IT department, in terms of straightening out integration issues.

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