Spending Bill Would Require NSA to Report Number of Telephone Records Collected and Viewed

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January 15, 2014 — 1,274 views  

The National Security Agency (NSA) is now being forced to present bills of all spending, including the different phone records that have been viewed and collected. US lawmakers are now demanding that the NSA turn over such vital information as part of the Spending Bill of Congress. The bill value is a substantial $1.1 trillion, and aims at a number of different spheres at once.

The huge money involved is aimed at funding the Federal Government through the financial crisis it is facing as of now. The bill was unveiled on January 14, and has a number of political and social angles to it. People have mixed feelings about the rule regarding it, and worry about the implications of such changes.

What the Bill Aims at

The NSA has long been run without other government bodies interfering with it too much. However, with the financial condition of the country and the recovering economy to go by, a $1.1 trillion bill can have a major impact on how the government plans to fund the major deficit that it presently faces. This is probably why the bill passed as well. While it is better to think that the bill is solely for the sake of creating strong laws, here it seems as though the large money was an incentive as well.

Congress may have a number of reasons for taking a shot at the NSA. Some critics state that the bill has many positives, yet looks like a direct dig at the security organization of the country. The NSA has long been an organization that performs tasks regardless of how people react. There have been a number of complaints stating that this breaks a number of privacy laws, and has a direct impact on the fundamental rights of citizens.

Could the Bill go Two Ways?

At the same time though, providing all the records has the potential of putting the entire state in jeopardy. Though free information is accepted, such mass-scale presentation of past facts could cause an uprising. Spying is a business that has its own hazards for the same reasons, and the NSA has been subject to a number of controversies regarding the same already. It is very likely that there could be an upturn in the entire socio-political environment if such information is given out at once.

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